Non-Immigrant “ED”

When a student enters Thailand with a Non-Immigrant Education Visa (Non-ED Visa), issued by the Royal Thai Embassy/ Consulate outside Thailand, he/she will be granted 90 days duration of stay and not 1 year. Approximately 60 days after his/her arrival in Thailand, or 30 days before his/her student visa expires, he/she is required to submit his/her passport to Chiang Mai International Engineering School. We will first check his/her passport and the expiration date of the visa. Then, we will prepare the necessary documents for the visa extension.

Please note that some students may be given a shorter visa extension than one year depending on each student’s registration history, passport validity, etc. If at any time after the student visa extension, you no longer meet the above criteria for any reason, we will notify the Thai Immigration Office that you no longer meet the requirements for the student visa, which will result in the immediate cancellation of your student visa sponsored by Chiang Mai University.