Work Permit Application

To be eligible for a work permit, a foreign professional must first possess a non-immigrant visa which can be applied at the Thai Embassy in the foreigner’s home country prior to entering Thailand. If the foreigner is already in Thailand with a tourist visa, he/she must convert the tourist visa to a non-immigrant visa. To work at the Faculty of Engineering, Chiang Mai University, the applicant must submit the following documents to Chiang Mai International Engineering School.

  1. Photocopies of the relevant pages on the passport:
    • The personal information page, showing picture, name, expiry/issue date, etc.
    • The page showing the Non-Immigrant Visa
    • Any pages showing previous work permit Extensions (if applicable)
    • The page showing the latest entry stamp in Thailand
  1. A copy of the previous notification of staying over 90 days (if applicable)
  2. A copy of the TM.30 – Receipt of Notification Form for House-Master, Owner or Possessor of Residence or Hotel Manager Where Alien Has Stayed
  3. A copy of any relevant education degrees/qualifications
  4. A copy of any relevant transcripts, certificates, or licenses
  5. A copy of his/her CV/Resume – describe in detail your past positions, duties, and the length and location of all previous employment.
  6. A medical certificate not older than six months from a recognised hospital in Thailand. It must state the applicant’s blood type and confirm that the applicant is of good mental and physical health (not suffering from leprosy, acute tuberculosis, elephantiasis, narcotic addiction or alcoholism).
  7. Marriage Certificate (if married to a Thai National). This includes the original and signed photocopies, also a copy of his/her partner’s Thai ID card, birth certificates of children, and household registration.
  8. Three recent photos (size 4×6 cm), taken within the past 6 months

Work Permit Fee:

  • Thai Work Permit for up to three months: 750 Baht
  • Thai Work Permit between three to six months: 1,500 Baht
  • Thai Work Permit longer between six to twelve months: 3,000 Baht


  • His/her work permit will be applied for by the Faculty of Engineering at the Department of Labour Chiang Mai. Please make sure the applicant hands in the following items on the day notified to sign the documents:
    • A valid work permit
    • A valid passport
    • The work permit fee, including 20 THB duty stamps (A work permit for lecturers is normally extended every two years.)
    • 100 Baht service fee of the Department of Labour Chiang Mai
  • The process of applying for a Thai Work Permit usually takes 14 business days to complete.