Course Overview

The Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management program integrates both industrial engineering and logistics disciplines, broadening the students’ perspective of various supply chain activities ranging from materials, manufacturing, industrial management and production, and inventory and transportation. The students will gain complete understanding of the industrial and logistics systems and be able to function effectively in various organization responsibilities.

The Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management program highlights two areas of the core courses that prepare the students for Industry 4.0: data analytics and industrial automation. 

  • Data analytics: This area integrates data mining and machine learning into the curriculum, equipping the students with data-science skills and experiences with modern analytics tools.
  • Industrial automation: This area features core courses in industrial automation where the students will gain hands-on experiences in industrial-grade equipment and be brought up to speed with the technology for productive and efficient manufacturing.

The students will also gain career experiences from the internship during the summer of the 3rd year.