K-12 Level Fulfillment for CMU IPAS Application​

Short-term Supplementary Training Course for Fundamental Academic Knowledge Enhancement for K-12 level to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the International Engineering Program of the Faculty of Engineering, Chiang Mai University. The course consists of 4 subjects as follows:

  1. Calculus Preparation for Engineering (equivalent to course 206161 – Calculus for Engineering 1)
  2. Physics Preparation for Engineering (equivalent to course 2071405 – Physics for Engineering 1)
  3. Chemistry Preparation for Engineering (equivalent to course 203162 – General Chemistry for Engineering)
  4. Introduction to Material Engineering (equivalent to course 259103 – Engineering Material)

Course Description

This comprehensive program is for students who are currently studying in or have completed K-11 education and aspire to pursue Bachelor of Engineering international programs at Chiang Mai University. The course aims to equip students with a solid foundation in mathematics, physics, and chemistry at the K-12 level. Furthermore, it incorporates university-level content from four subjects offered within the curriculum of Chiang Mai University’s international engineering programs.

Course Structure or Course Content

This course consists of a total of 195 hours, including 4 subjects. The details are as follows:

Calculus Preparation for Engineering50 Hrs. Equivalent to Course 206161(Cal for Engineering1)
Physics Preparation for Engineering   50 Hrs. Equivalent to Course 207105 (Physics for Engineering1)
Chemistry Preparation for Engineering50 Hrs. Equivalent to Course 203162 (Gen Chemistry for Engineering)
Introduction to Material Engineering45 Hrs. Equivalent to Course 259103 (Engineering Material)

Training Course Framework and Course Structure Table

Calculus Preparation for Engineering

Physics Preparation for Engineering

Chemistry Preparation for Engineering

Introduction to Material Engineering

Course Evaluation

The assessment will be graded on an A-F scale, with each subject requiring a minimum attendance of 80%. The scoring and grading criteria will be consistent with those used in the equivalent subjects throughout the semester, considering both coursework and examination components.

Application Preiod

  • Application Open: August 15 at 8.30AM.
  • Application Close: October 15 at 4.30PM.

Duration and Timeframe of Training, Training Format, and Training Venue

Duration and TimeframeStart date: December 4, 2023. End date: May 15, 2024.
Training FormatOnsite
Training VenueFaculty of Engineering, Chiang Mai University (The building and room numbers will be announced later.)

Payment Period

October 20 – November 3, 2023

Training fee

45,000 Baht per person or ~1,300 USD (Tuition fee of 44,400 Baht per person plus university fees of 600 Baht per person)

Qualification Criteria for Applicants

  1. Completed, or are currently studying in the last year of, a K-11 curriculum outside of Thailand
  2. Must have a minimum score of 65 percent in Mathematics and Physics on transcript or Matriculation Examination Pass Certificate
  3. English language Requirements:

3.1. Native English speakers or students who come from a country where English is an official language or

3.2. Have studied or are currently studying in an international school where English is the primary language of instruction for at least 2 years or

3.3. Have a minimum score on an English language proficiency test or one of the following standardized tests as listed in the table below.


Supporting Documents for Applicant Evaluation

  1. Copy of the latest High School Transcript showing current academic performance.
  2. Copy of the Educational Diploma (if available).
  3. English Proficiency Qualification Certificate according to the English proficiency qualification table (if not exempted).
  4. Copy of Passport.
  5. Statement of Purpose: Which field of engineering are you interested in and why?
  6. Student Visa Application Submission Detail
    • Address of the Royal Thai Embassy/ Royal Thai Consulate-General to apply for Student Visa
    • Address to send Supporting Documents for Visa Application to.

K-12 Level Fulfillment for CMU IPAS Application Document